1. That client can rent a car (drive rent a car) who:
  • includes and signs the rental contract.
  • elder than 21 years old, and has got driver's licence at least 1 year.
  • Has got valid ID card / passport and altogether with address card.

2. We accept the following payment method:

  • Cash and Creditcard, except American Express;
  • Money transfer;

3. The rental fee:

  • Includes the services granted in the price list and expenses, and summer / winter tire package.
  • Does not include fuel costs, penalties and surcharges /for example you did not pay the parking prize/, the quantity of the refuelling is paid on a flat rate (515 HUF / Liter).

4. Minimum rental period:

  • 1 day (24 hours), when the rental agreement is beginning;

5. Deposit:

The following car category deposit prize absolutely necessary to pay to the Lessor before starting the Rental Agreement;

- OPEL Corsa:                                     300.000.- HUF; 

- OPEL Astra :                                     500.000.- HUF;

- OPEL Astra Automatic or Caravan:   550.000.- HUF;

- OPEL Insignia, Automatic:                  700.000.- HUF;

- BMW 3 series, Limousine:                  800.000.- HUF;

- BMW 5 series, Lim., AUTOMATIC:  1.200.000.- HUF;

If the Renter returns the vehicle to the Lessor in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the Renter fully pays the total amount indicated on the invoice, the Lessor shall repay the deposit to the Renter upon the expiry of the rental period.

6. Insurance for rent a car: 

The rental fee includes the Compulsory and the CDW - Casco - insurances, with a non waivable amount. Renter in case of theft, damage caused on her/his own or for any other kind of damages account or under the terms covered by the CASCO insurance, he must pay 10% of the value of the damage, but minimum the sum established by the insurant. CDW insurance is exclusively valid in Hungary and on territories specified in the border-crossing permit together just with valid National GreenCard. Renter shall assume responsibility for the full damage in case of entering banned territories.