Rent-a-Car sevice

Lef whitout a car? Would you like to survive this period fast and comfortabel? We are the one help you! You can choose from our fleet from the economy size to the large category. Of course there's a possibity to use the car on abroad. In this case ask for term of use from our collegauges. Get your own or your company's car repaired in one of Maxabo's location ( Opel Maxabo : H-1037 Budapest, Bécsi út 254., Budapest Motors : H-1033 Budapest, Szentendrei út 63. ) and you do not need to pay deposit, becouse the car it self is the deposit. This option is only as long as the car is being repaired.

Operativ leasing

We offer it for those enterprises and companies who do not wish their financial sources stand as fangible assets, so they can use it free to improove.


Further benefits:

  • Do not need a loan to rent
  • Can take the car without a down payment
  • Can cost account with other expauses
  • Can calculate whit fees ahead
  • We operate the car instead of the renter
  • We up to date the fleet if needed

Our service includes the following:

Maintenance - the regular servicing, and optional repairing to accomplish

Damage administration on your bodywork - fully comprehensive insurance handling

Replacement car the duration of repairs - are provided under the contract
Non-stop assistance - the guarantee of safety

Delivery free sevice - provide to bring your car into service

Winter and summer set of tires - not only can get it installed, but also store that not in use


In summary, the Operativ leasing service is to take off all our clients all the burden on his shoulders, which means the order of business-related car fleet. So we issued our customers with only the monthly bill shall be balanced. Our clients may charge the prizes indicated on the account as an expense so. Meet the demands of the fleet up to the services through a fleet of cars are replaced may include regular maintenance, assistance in the event of a breakdown, accident insurance, the administration and replacement car.


Meaning of Operativ Leasing


The client does not wish to become the proprietor of the leasing object in this case on the end of the duration, exclusively to rent, wishes to use it. While the financial leasing is similar to the credit, the operative leasing rental construction. The financing one the proprietor of the leasing object, he activates it in his books and may apply accelerated deterioration description. The client must just pay the monthly invioce of the rent altogether and the rent money net prize as an expense can be miscalculated.